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Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. It can therefore be a great tool to advertise your business’ products and engage with a wide range of customers. Instagram provides many specialised services targeted at businesses wishing to sell goods on the site. This can be both directly on the app and from a business’ own eCommerce site. Consequently, business owners are flocking to sell their products on Instagram. This article will provide some guidance on how you can sell your New Zealand products on Instagram.

Deciding How to Use Instagram

To get the best out of Instagram, a good starting point is to determine how you will showcase your products on the app. Setting up a business Instagram account is fairly easy, but maintaining one in a way that promotes customer engagement requires continuous management. Therefore, you need to consider whether you:

  • want the kind of customers that are likely to use Instagram frequently;
  • can invest the time needed to curate your Instagram feed and attract followers;
  • can engage with customers and promote story interaction;
  • have time to moderate customers in your comments;
  • agree with Instagram’s policies and other terms and conditions; and
  • can keep up with any legal obligations you have as a business selling on Instagram.

Notably, you can use Instagram’s services to gain new insights about customers and people interested in your products. However, you need to invest time to understand these services and promote your products accordingly. Without a physical aspect to promoting your products, your visual marketing and aesthetic are crucial.

Setting Up Your Instagram Profile

You can easily turn your existing Instagram account into a business one from your app’s settings. Alternatively, you can connect your business’ Facebook page to your Instagram account. This also promotes cross-platform transfer for customers that may prefer Facebook.  Moreover, connecting the two accounts also allows you to access Facebook’s catalogue manager. This can be useful if you already manage product advertising on Facebook. Additionally, you can add product catalogues from other sites, such as Shopify and Magento.

Once you have your business account set up, you can get further information about people visiting your page and engaging with your content. You can then use these insights to streamline your marketing and target those most likely to purchase your products.

How to Sell Products on Instagram

Instagram offers various ways for you to sell your products, and you need to decide which one is best for you. In particular, you can: 

  • sell products directly through the app itself using Instagram Shopping’s own payment facilities;
  • use product tags within individual posts to link to specific products on your website; or
  • use your overall feed as a promotion for your eCommerce website.

Instagram allows you to provide multiple avenues for your customers to buy your products. For example, some customers may prefer to use Instagram’s own checkout features straight from your posts. Alternatively, others may want to browse your website instead. The key here is to be consistent across all channels, maintain a common brand theme and keep your posts sleek and visually engaging.

Try to engage customers with giveaways or competitions that rely on commenting on your posts and tagging others. This can boost your promotion within the app itself and draw in new customers. An appropriate hashtag can help as well.

As always, if you engage influencers or other social media promoters, be sure to comply with advertising regulations.

Complying With New Zealand’s Consumer Laws

Regardless of how you sell on Instagram, you need to comply with New Zealand consumer law if you regularly sell your goods to consumers for their personal use. In particular, you cannot mislead or confuse your customers, and you need to ensure that your products:

  • are fit for purpose;
  • are of acceptable quality;
  • match the photos and descriptions in your posts and stories;
  • arrive on time and in good condition; and
  • are sold legally.

If you sell your products to international customers, you may also have to account for consumer law in other countries.

Complying With New Zealand’s Privacy Laws

Another consideration when selling on Instagram is your privacy obligations to consumers. Specifically, you must comply with the privacy obligations that apply to your business when selling products on Instagram. You will likely be dealing with customers’ personal information, such as their: names;

  • IP information;
  • email addresses; and 
  • postal addresses.

Therefore, you need to handle this information carefully and in accordance with the law. In New Zealand, the relevant law is the Privacy Act. Again, if you sell to international customers, you may also find that international privacy laws are applicable.

For example, if you use your customers’ personal information for advertising analytics, you need to tell them so.

Key Takeaways

Taking advantage of Instagram’s popularity can be advantageous for your business, especially when selling products through the platform. The app provides many services geared towards eCommerce, so you have many tools available to you to maximise your marketing and sales figures. However, you also need to ensure you comply with the law when you do so. If you would like more information or help with selling your products on Instagram, contact LegalVision’s eCommerce lawyers on 0800 005 570 or fill out the form on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is personal information?

Personal information is any data about an identifiable living person. For instance, if you can use it to identify someone, then that information is personal information.

How can I sell my products on Instagram?

You can use Instagram to promote and visually showcase the products you sell to potential customers. The app also provides direct purchasing functionality from your posts and product tags directing customers to your website.

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