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As a startup founder, the key to your success lies in your employees. First, you must attract the best talent in the labour market so that your startup can thrive. Once you have drawn the right talent, you can carefully pick and choose employees who will best suit your company and its goals. This article will outline the main ways you can attract the best talent for your New Zealand startup, such as having a good reputation, company culture, employee value proposition, and development opportunities for potential candidates.

Having a Good Reputation

When trying to attract the top talent in the market, you need to first create a reputation and credibility for your startup as a place where people want to work. In short, if your company is well known for its goods and services, workers will feel more comfortable applying and working at your company. 

Candidates will also need an incentive to leave their current job and join yours instead. Therefore, you need to grow your brand awareness through platforms such as social media and promote your culture. Certainly, if your company has a good reputation and is well-known in the industry, they are more likely to leave their company for yours.

Finally, having a good reputation goes hand-in-hand with having a good employer brand. A strong reputation and brand will help you attract the right people and boost employee engagement rates. Thus, you should talk to your employees and understand what makes your company reputable and attractive from their perspective. Once you know, you can embed these strengths into your recruitment process.

Emphasise Your Great Company Culture

Having a good reputation is essential. Without a great company culture to attract top candidates, you may struggle to find exceptional talent. When recruiting, you need to showcase your company culture based on its people and employees. This will ultimately make your company more marketable to potential workers.

A good people-based company culture can entail flexible hours, team lunches, and an outstanding performance reward system. In addition, having small benefits can be highly beneficial, such as allowing employees to take a day off on their birthdays. Such advantages make your company more attractive to work at and also make potential employees feel as though they are well cared for and looked after. It is vital to ensure that workers feel heard and seen, assuring potential employees will be treated the same.

Evidently, having a people-based company culture also includes having a diverse workplace. Once candidates see that your company culture is based on people and diversity, they will be more inclined to apply for your role than a company that does not promote diversity in the workplace. Therefore, you should be open to recruiting and hiring employees from all:

  • backgrounds;
  • races;
  • religions;
  • ethnicities;
  • abilities; and
  • sexualities.

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Employee Value Proposition

Your company must have a defined employee value proposition (EVP). By way of explanation, communicating with your employees is essential to ensure they know the main objective they are working towards and how they fit into the big picture. Rewards also form a considerable part of your company’s EVP and can set you apart from competitors.

For instance, rewarding outstanding work and providing promotional opportunities can strengthen your employer brand. Candidates will consider your company’s EVP and consider all the benefits you provide to your workers.

Benefits may include:

  • competitive pay;
  • leave entitlements;
  • job security;
  • health insurance;
  • coffee memberships;
  • lunches;
  • flexibility, including adapting to worker’s needs such as allowing them to get off work early to pick their child up from school;
  • birthday treats; and
  • personal training and mentoring.

Career and Personal Development

An employee will almost always want career and personal development opportunities to enhance their skills. Such options make it easier to attract the top talent you know will be willing to upskill themselves for the sake of your company. Therefore, when recruiting, it is essential to state what growth opportunities are available and their benefits. Some ways to include development opportunities in your company include training regimes and job rotations so employees can have hands-on experience at more than one task. 

The Importance of Advertising

Additionally, you need to set out a clear job description and advertise in a way that differentiates your company from competitor companies. Other companies also want to attract the best talent, so you must convince workers to work for you instead. When recruiting, try to promote your firm’s key strengths and values that could align with a potential employee’s values. To differentiate your company, you need to outline:

  • company culture;
  • benefits, including pay, fringe benefits, flexible work hours;
  • development opportunities;
  • chances for promotion; and
  • the importance of work-life balance.

The best way to convince candidates to work for you is through existing employee testimonies. You can get employees to provide feedback about their experience and showcase these testimonies on the job advertisement or your company website.

Key Takeaways

Attracting top talent for your startup can be difficult in the competitive labour market, but there are ways to attract the candidates you want. You can attract top talent with:

  • a good company reputation;
  • a people-based culture that promotes diversity;
  • a strong employee value proposition;
  • opportunities for personal and career development; and
  • strong advertising that differentiates your company from competitor businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my startup’s reputation?

You can improve your reputation by implementing corporate social responsibility, having a strong employee value proposition, and having a people-based company culture with diversity. Such elements will make your business attractive in the market and can align with potential employees’ values.

How can I create awareness about my company’s reputation?

Once you have a good reputation, you can build awareness through social media, collaborations with other businesses, and sponsorships. For instance, you could seek out social media ambassadors to advocate for your startup on a global platform.

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