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In a post-COVID world, the job market is becoming a highly competitive environment. Not only are employers across New Zealand in need of recruiting the best candidates, but they are also struggling to maintain their well-trained staff. This article explains six steps you can take to recruit and retain the best employees for your organisation.

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Research and Advertise the Position

Time pressures are one of the most significant factors that can determine whether you recruit the right employee or not. It would help if you had time to get in contact with as many potential applicants as possible and to:

  • research; 
  • plan; and 
  • conduct an effective advertising strategy. 

If you spend too little time advertising the job role, you may restrict yourself to a small pool of candidates.

Do Not Screen Out Potential Candidates Too Early

Not all candidates that apply for the job position will have experience working in that position at another company. The problem this creates is that, even though a candidate may be ideal for the opportunity, it is hard for them to prove this during the initial stages of the recruitment process.

However, the traits of a good employee are often qualities that lie outside their qualifications or experiences. For instance, some traits may include:

  • professionalism; 
  • drive; and 
  • creative thinking. 

Suppose candidates possess qualities that align with your business’ culture. In that case, you should not screen them out too early in the selection process simply because they do not have the requisite experience in the field specific to the position.

Refine Your Selection Process

Most employers will develop their selection and recruitment processes over time, learning from feedback from existing employees. Furthermore, it would help if you tailored your selection criteria to assess each candidate for the specific job role. For example, the questions you ask when hiring a manager will differ from those you ask when hiring a graduate. Therefore, your selection process should remain flexible.

Do not forget the importance of building a good business culture. Your brand and its values are essential in attracting and retaining talent. Therefore, you should keep these values in mind when selecting candidates.

Ongoing Training

Once you hire the best talent for the position, you should consider ongoing training. Ongoing training can require a significant financial investment. However, it is essential for the ongoing success of any business. Not only does it allow high-performing employees to produce quality output, but it can also encourage employees to maintain a vested interest in their work overtime. Ultimately, if your employees find it challenging to engage in the workplace, they are not likely to provide excellent service to your customers.

Studies also show that employees are more likely to be engaged in a business where they are directly involved in problem-solving and decision-making processes. Thus, ongoing training can facilitate higher employer retention with the additional benefit of upskilling your employees who can produce higher quality work.

Offer Flexible Work

One of the essential lessons employers can learn from the COVID pandemic is the importance of flexible work. Many companies now give their employees a choice regarding how and where they want to work. Some flexible work options include:

  • a mix of working on-site and working remotely;
  • job-sharing schemes in different teams;
  • earlier or later start times and end times;
  • compressed working hours;
  • change to a part-time or casual role;
  • taking time off in lieu; and
  • the increase or decrease in work hours.

Flexible work arrangements are mutually beneficial for both you and your employees. As a result of flexible work options, your employees can gain:

  • greater job satisfaction, 
  • lower work-related stress and 
  • a healthier work-life balance. 

This is because they might have more time to tend to family responsibilities and care for themselves while managing work. On the other hand, flexible work arrangements can facilitate:

  • lower levels of absenteeism;
  • increased productivity from employees; and
  • more competitive job offerings to attract and retain skilled staff.

Indeed, flexible work arrangements can often benefit both you and your employees.

Establish Good Company Policies

Lastly, one of the best ways to recruit and retain top talent in New Zealand is by implementing good company policies. These include:

  • parental leave that goes above and beyond the standards in an industry award;
  • paid mental health days;
  • offering memberships or wellness packages; and
  • a commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Companies like Netflix offer a full year of paid time off to both mothers and fathers and have the option to return on a part-time basis if they wish.

These policies are attractive for employees in the recruitment stage and essential for their ongoing relationship with your organisation.

Key Takeaways

If you wish to recruit and retain top talent for your New Zealand business, you should give yourself enough time to advertise the job position. Once you advertise the position, you should tailor your selection criteria to the skills and experience necessary for the job. Although, you should keep in mind how the candidate’s personal qualities will align with your business culture. Once you hire your staff, you should offer ongoing training, flexible working conditions and good company policies that help retain and upskill your staff. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I provide flexible work arrangements to my employees?

Flexible work arrangements mutually benefit you and your employees, particularly in a post-COVID world. Some flexible work options include working on-site and remotely, job-sharing schemes in different teams, and earlier or later start and end times. 

How necessary are a candidate’s qualifications during the recruitment process?

While a candidate’s qualifications and experience are crucial, you should not screen out a candidate too early simply because they lack these aspects. A good employee’s traits are often qualities they gain outside of their qualifications or experiences, such as professionalism, creative thinking and drive.


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